Lanterna na Dolcu

We buy our groceries at Dolac Market

Every morning we buy groceries from ladies (“Kumice”) at the Dolac Market. It is our mission to guarantee that every morning fresh food arrives to our restaurant from the Dolac Market to your meal.

Traditional reciepes from 1845.

We wanted to combine the modern and traditional, so we got some of our ideas from a cookbook from 1854 which we found in the Zagreb City Museum. Since we did not want to give up our traditional Croatian taste, we added our original ingredients to the traditional recipes.

Certificate of Excellence

All the hard work, sweat and tears in the past five years brought us success and the great reward of obtaining the certificate of excellence in the opinion of TripAdvisor. We are among the top five restaurants with the most feedback posted! Thank you all for that!

Try our excellent wines. Take a bottle cork as a memory of our restaurant.


Lanterna plate
prosciutto, kulen (traditional pork sausage) and cheese
kn 55,00
Baked potatoes
with garlic and thyme
side dishes
kn 25,00
Dalmatian ‘pržolica’ with Dalmatian-style Swiss chard
rump steak with garlic and chard with potatoes, *pržolica = thin pounded steak, fried
kn 90,00

Recipe of the month

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