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The restaurant Lanterna na Dolcu (Lanterna at the Dolac Market) was opened on 10 September 2010 in the magical atmosphere of an old manor. Brothers Tomislav and Ivan shared the same vision from the beginning – to offer traditional Zagreb food at reasonable prices at a restaurant with a pleasant family vibe. It wasn’t long before word about the Lanterna restaurant at the Dolac Market spread all the way to London.  Every morning, we get ingredients from Dolac ladies called kumice who sell their produce at the market and we guarantee that each food item used in our kitchen is fresh.

Ivan i Tomislav Švagelj



  • Up to 40 people can be seated inside the restaurant (ideal for events and groups)
  • The 25-seat terrace is open during the summer season and it overlooks the Cathedral


The restaurant is located in one of the oldest streets in the city’s old centre, in an over 300 years old basement. The restaurant’s vaulted ceiling with brickwork that nicely stands out creates a unique and warm atmosphere. It is here that supreme pleasures of traditional Zagreb cuisine blend with scents of history and city legends.

Our goal was to combine modern and traditional in both the interior design and on the plate so we browsed through an old cookbook from 1854 that we found in the Zagreb City Museum, looking for ideas. We did not want to exclude authentic Croatian tastes from our dishes, but we also added some unique ingredients to all our traditional menu items.



Our menu is a blend of modern and traditional styles. For us, there is no compromise on the quality of ingredients. Our name and reputation serve as a guarantee of top culinary offer.  Every morning we get our ingredients from kumice, Dolac Market ladies selling their produce. We know that it is not possible to fully appeal to everyone’s taste buds, but what we can guarantee is that you will only be served fresh ingredients bought each morning at Zagreb’s main market, also known as the belly of the city.