Lanterna platekn 65,00
prosciutto, kulen (traditional pork sausage) and cheese
Cheese platekn 65,00
Baked strudelkn 45,00
Lanterna štrukli (a type of strudel)kn 40,00
Štrukli in blueberry sauce
Lanterna pancakeskn 40,00
Pancakes with ice cream and blueberry sauce
Cheese cake Lanternakn 35,00
with cookies and chocolate
Seabass filletkn 95,00
in truffle sauce with fresh truffles
Seabream filletkn 85,00
on poached vegetables and butter with garlic and olive oil
grilled dishes
Beefsteakkn 160,00
Zagreb Rosekn 75,00
Pljeskavica (meat patty) with chilli and scoop of kaymak (traditional clotted cream)
main dishes
Steak Kaptolkn 100,00
Aged sirloin steak with thyme and bacon in light mustard sauce
Opatovina medallionskn 105,00
The Grič Witchkn 120,00
Beef steak medallions in hot pepper and blueberry sauce
Lanterna štrucakn 95,00
Pork loin stuffed with ajvar relish, pork neck, mushrooms and cheese
risottos and pastas
Homemade gnocchi in saucekn 95,00
of tree types of paprika and bean (cream)
Green noodleskn 75,00
with shrimp, Swiss chard and cherry tomatoes (in red sauce)
Risottokn 65,00
Risotto with zucchini, prosciutto and Grana Padano
Salad mixkn 30,00
Lettucekn 30,00
Lamb’s lettuce + cherry tomatoeskn 35,00
side dishes
Homemade croquetteskn 30,00
Baked potatoeskn 30,00
with garlic and thyme
Chard Dalmatian stylekn 25,00
Grilled vegetableskn 25,00
Authentic Croatian specialities
Stubica tenderloin with broad noodleskn 95,00
Pork loin stuffed with plums in plum brandy sauce, served with pasta
Dalmatian ‘pržolica’ with Dalmatian-style Swiss chardkn 105,00
rump steak with garlic and chard with potatoes, *pržolica = thin pounded steak, fried
Maduševac steak with gnocchykn 120,00
veal steak in pork neck, mashroom and pickled pepper sauce with homemade gnocchy
Zagreb steak by Lanternakn 85,00