Restaurant Week (Tjedan restorana)

This year, you can once again try traditional Lanterna dishes for only HRK 100 for a three-course meal and a drink (a glass).

The Restaurant Week will last from 6-15 March 2015 . Do not miss this chance to try new dishes and flavours.

Our menu for the Restaurant Week:


  1. “Golden Lantern” – soup with pumpkin seeds, fresh dill and a crunchy stick
  2. “Spicy 3 Kings” – chilli beans with three types of meat and a bun
  3. “Dubrovnik Walls” – marinated shrimp with fresh pepper and lettuce


  1. “Banski dvori” – pork loin seasoned with thyme and roasted Pag cheese with cornmeal-crusted potatoes
  2. “Zagorje Magic” – roasted chicken breasts topped with sesame and cabbage sprouts
  3. “Sea Oasis” – breaded angler with Dalmatian-style chard


  1. “Lanterna štrukle”
  2. “Chocolate Game” – chocolate cake with bananas and cookies
  3. “Spring pie” – pie with apple and cinnamon paste

Welcome drink, a glass of sparkling wine